Spirito in rilievo

“To be driven by the continuous desire of creating and affecting, by the constant desire of investigating and reinventing ourselves, by the commitment and dedication to improve ourselves.”
The inner meaning of 3D SURFACE comes to life and grows in 2011 after years of research and development with the intent of creating, producing and commercializing decorative surfaces having a strong aesthetic and emotional merit.
Surfaces that could clad every kind of space without any limit, being modular in order to make their own pattern endless.

Sartoria delle superfici

The possibility of using the surfaces in any kind of space, thanks to the development of special ceramic materials, allows the project manager to think and develop every kind of solution.
The laying of the tiles is very simple and carried out by sticking them; once the connections between the tiles are plastered the surface appears smooth and continuous. The products are enhanced by light, the thickness gives space to shadows.
The surface comes alive.
3D SURFACE was born with the intent of developing products on demand in order to give the project managers the opportunity of carving their idea.

the collection